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Dedicated professionals in in the art of producing the finest of glass units


Global Glass is the largest UK owned manufacturer of insulated sealed glass units. With two UK-wide glass production sites and a 50,000+ weekly sealed unit capacity, Global Glass provides complete glass solutions with multi-site operations to create a robust supply advantage for our customers.

With six fully automated sealed glass unit lines, four toughening plants and a high speed triple glazed unit line, we are best placed to support glazing specifications for window, door and roof systems in both commercial and residential projects.

Global Glass has recently been purchased by Clayton Glass limited, taking us to a new level in the glass industry, with larger manufacturing and delivering capabilities. Global Glass is now stronger than ever before! 


Across The UK

With Manufacturing Facilities in Nottinghamshire, Lancashire & County Durham

Decorative Glass

From our in-house embelishing experts, who can create any bespoke style

Double-Glazed Units

With rigid quality control measures in place, delivering a consistently supreme IGU

Triple-Glazed Units

As with our Double-Glazing alternative, we offer a choice of Argon or Krypton filling

Roof Glass

Created in our specialist manufacturing facility in Blackburn, to be of the highest possible standard

Celsius Performance Glass

Developed specifically for roof applications, offering low U-values and increased UV protection



Our Blackburn site was the first Global Glass factory to serve the North of the country. The plant has become our centre of excellence for roof glass, manufacturing our three premium Celsius Performance Glass configurations. Designed originally for roof installations, the Celsius range offers unparalleled thermal performance, heat reflection and UV protection thanks to Low-E and solar controlled coatings.

Finally, as of the 31st October 2019, Global Glass is owned and operated by Clayton Glass LTD, meaning that we have acquired the manufacturing capabilities of their Stanley base.


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